Our Rooms


The Discoverers Area with its three rooms is where our youngest tamariki start their early learning journey at The Park ELC.

In the Discoverers, we are inspired by the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarer) philosophy, Reggio Emilia Philosophy and Te Whariki (our New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum).

We value our environment and offer rich experiences using open-ended, natural resources to allow children to explore with broad possibilities. Our teachers facilitate experiences for tamariki to build understanding about the wider world, to cultivate their sense of responsibility, and to foster relationships. Through respectful interaction, we empower our children to be active, confident and curious Discoverers – a positive foundation for lifelong learning.


Welcome to the Explorers at The Park ELC! Here in the two Explorers Rooms, we support children aged 2-3 years old in their individual journey of learning and discovery.

We focus on encouraging tamariki to develop their independence, as they begin to take responsibility for themselves, their belongings and their decisions and choices.

Our educators form trusting and respectful relationships with our Explorers tamariki. They also build close connections with parents and whanau, taking the time to share their daily interactions. The teachers’ secure attachments allow children to build confidence to try new things and develop foundational skills and understanding.


In the Adventurers we aim to establish close, strong and trusting relationships with everyone, creating a strong whānau feeling.

Our Adventurers children, aged 3 – 5 years, continue to build on skills they have previously learned in the Explorers – independence and taking on responsibility for themselves, their peers and the environment.

They continue to develop a sense of self and their place in the world. We see them establish their own interests and opportunities, take ownership of their learning and begin to consolidate life-long skills.

Teachers ensure children spend their day engaged in meaningful activities that build persistence, perseverance, problem solving skills, and creativity – fostering life-long learners.

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