About Us

The Park is a beautifully designed, purpose built Early Learning Centre located on the old Athletic Park rugby ground in Newtown.

At The Park we value the importance of relationships that provide the foundation for people to grow together, take risks and construct knowledge and understanding, through play. We believe that these values form a solid foundation for all children to become confident and capable lifelong learners.

Our ‘Village @ the Park’ retirement community is a unique aspect of our curriculum. We enjoy a special relationship with the retirement living complex through our Intergenerational Care Programme. Children and older adults experience planned and spontaneous interactions where they enjoy each others’ company and appreciate each others’ contributions within our community.

We have spacious environments that provide a range of opportunities for children to learn at their own pace. Our large natural outdoor environment encourages children to explore and discover the wonders of nature.

Please feel free to come and visit us, we would love to show you around our centre.

Our Team

The Educators believe that children learn and develop in an early childhood environment where they are happy and secure. We believe that the quality of the physical environment is essential to the well-being of the children and staff and that coupled with a quality educational programme, the parents will be confident that the choices they have made for their child’s education and care are the right ones. We also believe that quality Early Childhood experiences promote the development of the child and will increase the opportunity for success through the child’s life.

  • Sarah

    Sarah Jimmieson

    Centre Manager

  • Cecilia

    Cecilia Woods


  • Erica

    Erica H.

    Team Leader

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    Lydia Coe

    Team Leader

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    Cat Hobby

    Team Leader

Our Philosophy

We believe that all members of the learning community are unique and are born with immense potential to learn and develop at their own pace. Through creating home like environments, we strive to support learners to make strong connections between their home and the centre. Education is the foundation for all learners to engage in ongoing learning pathways and prepares them to actively contribute as 21st century citizens.

The development of social competence skills is integral in all that we do and is reflected in the importance we place on relationships and working collaboratively. We encourage risk taking and see mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow resilience.

We recognise learners’ identity first and foremost as a member of their family, valuing all cultures and embracing the richness and diversity that these bring. We seek to honour the Treaty of Waitangi and actively incorporate our three national languages, English, Māori and NZ Sign Language into our everyday practice.

Children have opportunities to be involved in a rich library of open ended learning experiences, along with un-interrupted time to play, that supports the development of creativity and imaginative play. Early literacy and numeracy concepts are intentionally integrated into a wide range of learning opportunities.

Health and sustainability are key elements of our curriculum and this is reflected through a mind, body and soul approach to the whole food menu that we offer, the animals we care for and the gardens we keep.

Celebrating learning, achievements and significant events are an important aspect of our programme.

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